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A Users’ Perspective on the Need for Sanctions Against Facebook Content

Fri, May 25, 12:30 to 13:45, Hilton Prague, Floor: LL, Congress Hall II - Exhibit Hall/Posters


In social media, lay users cannot only engage in the production of content, they can also negatively sanction content of other users which they perceive as problematic. User-driven sanctions complement the content moderation by platform providers and the legal regulation by state authorities. The paper differentiates social, technical, and legal sanctions against problematic user-generated content. It deduces factors that may determine if users would negatively sanction social media content or expect sanctions from the platform provider or the state. The paper presents evidence from two empirical studies. Among others it shows that assessment of Facebook content as dangerous, a tendency to paternalism, and a general commitment to freedom of expression influence the users’ perceived need for sanctions against the Facebook content.