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CCA-KACA Joint Session: Dynamics of News in East Asia

Fri, May 25, 15:30 to 16:45, Hilton Old Town, Floor: M, Mozart I

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Western media often portrays China, and Chinese people, as one monolithic entity devoid of individuality. But in reality, there is always a plurality of voices in any Chinese society in a historical period. This plurality has been amplified and rendered more accessible to researchers of Chinese communication due to (a) the ongoing diffusion of digital media, and (b) the rise of Chinese economy on the global stage.

However, does technological and economic growth automatically bring diverse voices of democratic deliberation, and a multiplicity of public spheres, where people from opposite political spectrum, different social class backgrounds, and various cultural/subcultural communities would all embrace the spirit of pluralism?

Do we only have plurality of noices, instead of genuine pluralism of voices? What are the empirical evidence supporting, rejecting, critiquing, or revising this working hypothesis as we begin to consider this year’s ICA conference theme “voices” in the contexts of Chinese communication?

This sponsored session by Chinese Communication Association (CCA) shall showcase studies that address the above questions.

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