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PRECONFERENCE: Data and Communication by CCA and Shanghai Jiatong University

Thu, May 24, 13:00 to 17:00, Hilton Prague, Floor: LL, Congress Hall I

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Human communication gravitates increasingly toward digital and data technology. This trend is rather salient in developing countries like China. Up to June 2017, 751 million (54.3%) of the Chinese population use the Internet, and a majority of them (96.3%) access the Internet through their mobile devices. It is common for users – especially the young generations – to handle every aspect of life and work on smartphones, including reading news, paying bills, ordering meals and getting entertained. It is safe to say the Chinese society has been transformed by digital technology and data.

In concert with the ICA conference theme of “Voices,” our pre-conference focuses on the communication processed reshaped by digital technology and data. We want to focus on the theme whether digital media bring us more voices or divide us into different segmented society? We invite scholars from across ICA’s divisions to discuss their work related to data and communication from various epistemological and methodological backgrounds. We welcome discussions at the individual, group, organizational and societal levels.
The following are themes we want to focus on:
⎫ Data and the public sphere
⎫ Data and the public life
⎫ Use and abuse of public data
⎫ Computational journalism
⎫ Impact of VR and AR on journalism
⎫ Cyberblog and its implication
⎫ Business and new technology
⎫ Use and abuse of public data
⎫ Mobile technology and society change
⎫ Impact of VR and AR on journalism

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