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Big Questions for Political Communication Research

Fri, May 25, 15:30 to 16:45, Hilton Prague, Floor: LL, Congress Hall I

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The world changes fast, the world of media and communication even faster. This forces researchers to adjust and to reflect on the important questions we need to ask. At the same time we have more data and better tools than ever before to study the world of media and politics.
In this panel 6 distinguished and inspiring scholars discuss some of the big questions for political communication research. They address issues that have not received enough attention or need a different approach because of rapid digitalization. Each presentation will be short leaving ample time for public discussion.
Natalia Stroud: “Answering Political Communication Questions in Real World Contexts”
Stuart Soroka: “The Biology of Media A/Effects”
Regina Lawrence: “Changing Genres of Journalism in a Post-Truth Era.”
Rasmus Kleis Nielsen: "The Rise of Platforms: findings, questions, challenges, and opportunities for political communication research"
Andrew Chadwick: "Thinking About the Role of Social Media in the Formation of Public Opinion"
Gadi Wolfsfeld: “Political leaders and Violent Conflicts in the Digital Age: What has and has not Changed”

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