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PRECONFERENCE: Journalism Studies Graduate Student Colloquium

Thu, May 24, 8:45 to 16:00, Offsite: Charles University Prague, TBD 3

Session Submission Type: Panel


The format of this day-long colloquium follows that of previous years, including San Diego in 2017 and Fukuoka in 2016. Students will break into two groups, based on the focus of their research, and will each present work that has been submitted beforehand to a senior scholar, with whom they have been matched. The reviewer will then provide feedback and open the floor for questions from attendees. Students will then convene in one room for the closing session, a panel session featuring established researchers which would ideally be tailored to participant's research or publishing needs. This format was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews from student attendees in both San Diego and Fukuoka.

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