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International Consortium of Environmental History Organizations

3rd World Congress of Environmental History
Theme: Convergences: The Global South and the Global North in the Era of Great Acceleration

22-26 July 2019, Florianópolis, Brasil

Host: The Federal University of Santa Catarina (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, UFSC)

Deadline for Submission: 1 October 2018

The 3rd World Conference of Environmental History invites scholars from different disciplines to situate environmental history in a planetary perspective. The program committee invites panel, roundtable, individual paper, and poster proposals for the congress. We prefer to receive complete session proposals but will endeavor to construct sessions from proposals for individual presentations. Sessions will be scheduled for 1.5 hours. No single presentation should exceed 15 minutes, and each roundtable presentation should be significantly shorter than that, as roundtables are designed to maximize discussion among the speakers and with the audience. Commentators are allowed but not required.

The program committee encourages non-conventional sessions that experiment with creative formats, such as hands-on workshops, tool demonstrations, and open discussion forums. To submit a proposal for an experimental session, please provide a 300-word abstract describing the activity on this form.

To maximize participation, we encourage session proposals with more participants giving shorter presentations (e.g., four presenters at 12 minutes each). Please note that individuals can be a primary presenter in only one panel, roundtable, or other session proposal, but can also serve as chair or commentator in a second session proposal.

The following information will be needed for this form:

Five types of submissions:

  • Roundtable (up to 5 presenters and a chair)

  • Panel (up to 5 presenters and a chair and a commentator – the latter is optional)

  • Experimental session (requires only a 300-word abstract)

  • Individual paper (a single submission – the program committee might create panels out of these)

  • Poster (a single submission by an individual)


Information collected:

  • Name of organizer

  • E-mail of organizer

  • Title of session

  • Names of presenters (up to five)

  • Institutions of presenters (or note “independent scholar”)

  • E-mail addresses of presenters

  • Titles of presentations within sessions (as opposed to title for general, entire session)

  • Abstracts (a single description for entire session plus descriptions of each individual presentation; please include the time periods or eras covered by your submission)



THIS IS THE ONLINE PROPOSAL SUBMISSION SYSTEM FOR PAPERS, POSTERS, PANELS, AND ROUNDTABLES. Every participant must create an account before a proposal can be submitted.

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