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Family First: Sri Lankan Women

Sat, October 26, 11:45 to 12:45, Shaw Centre, Meeting Room 105

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Sri Lanka is a country rich in heritage, culture, and deeply rooted traditions. Family, education, and history are at the forefront for nearly all Sri Lankan people, which is why it is possible for women to pursue their goals. This presentation will share insights from Sri Lankan culture where the development of women has remained at the center.

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Floating in the heart of the Indian Ocean is the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. The country is rich in heritage, culture, and deeply rooted traditions that date back to the ancient times. Family, education and history are the forefront of nearly all Sri Lankan people, which is why it is possible for women to pursue their goals. The development of women has remained at the center of Sri Lankan culture. With the resources the country provides, Sri Lankan women are in a much better place than most developing countries. From a young age, girls are encouraged to pursue their education while still remaining culturally grounded. Women are given ample opportunities to become leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and educators.
The researcher interviewed a sample of 20 women based in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, Australia and the United States of America. This research was undertaken using qualitative research methodology. Sri Lankan women have progressed in unique ways and have subsequently overcome many obstacles. The researcher has been studying Sri Lankan women and their work life balance for the past five years. The researcher’s goal was to contribute to the current body of literature and bring awareness to the positive and negative attributes shared by Sri Lankan women. Furthermore, Sri Lankan women’s rise to the top and overcoming obstacles must be acknowledged by current and future generations. These women paved the way in order for other women to accomplish their goals and dreams. Sri Lankan women’s drive to succeed and dedication to their families were the inspiration for the researcher to conduct this study.
The best product of this ideology within Sri Lankan culture is Sri Lanka’s first female Prime Minister, Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranike and her daughter who was the nation’s female president. The country has developed their economy and with modern technological advancements, women are presented more opportunities to maintain a proper work-life balance. This research will provide the history and journey that Sri Lankan women followed to pursue their ambitions and dreams.


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