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Exploring the Dilemmas of Leadership in Latin America


The International Leadership Association (ILA) with The Center for Leadership, Ethics and Social Responsibility (CLERS) at Universidad del Pacífico cordially invite all those who practice, study, and teach leadership to a scholar-practitioner conference on the Universidad del Pacífico campus the 8th to 10th of August 2018.

For generations, inequality and instability have affected countries throughout the world and in Latin America, countries have developed a complex matrix of dimensions and challenges for its leaders regarding gender imbalance, ethnic and racial discrimination, lack of environmental regulations, and access for all socioeconomic groups to quality public services in education, health, jobs, and housing.

Building leadership throughout the region at all levels of society is a pivotal step to addressing these political, economic, social, and ethical challenges and strengthening Latin America's countries and communities. This conference will address questions of leadership related to those challenges, such as:

•What role do Latin American leaders play in designing socio-economic development programs to foster inclusion by levering innovation and new thinking to create sustainable ecosystems to improve people's lives?

•What are the new strategies and cutting edge thinking that will promote more participation of civil society in public affairs?

•What types of leadership do Latin American societies need to move forward in the transformation of their own communities?

•What types of leaders are needed to recognize what factors hinder or slow down the transformational process and how might they be overcome?

•What are the leadership success stories and trends currently taking shape across Latin America?

•What role can international corporations and NGO's play in meeting these challenges in Latin America?

•What are the skills that leaders need to have or improve in order to manage or promote in the region, the social and cultural diversity that form the Latin America reality, and how does higher education and leadership development address that?

•How do these dilemmas and success stories inform and/or illustrate the three pillars of sustainable development on which the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are built: Social Progress, Economic Growth, and Environmental Protection?

The conference will explore these and related questions and challenges, providing a forum for international and local experts and stakeholders from different sectors in society — businesses, consultants, education, research, government, health, and non-profit — to share their theory, experiences, ideas, research, and best practices.

These challenges include but are not limited to: questionable democratic systems, weak education and government institutions, the vulnerability of economic markets and businesses, recurrence of social conflicts, the challenges of climate change on coast lines and farming communities, prevalent deforestation, an uptick in migration and refugees, equal access and modern pathways to a higher education, and the unprecedented expansion of corruption in all levels of government and the private sector. Within these contextual nuances of Latin America today, if change is to occur, the leaders of political and civic organizations, in addition to business and higher-education leaders, must foster new paradigms that nurture and enable comprehensive socio-economic development that systematically and sustainably transforms the Latin American leadership landscape.

We invite you to Lima to participate in an enriching discussion and exchange of ideas and experiences that can lead to a better understanding of and exploration of the dilemmas of leadership in Latin America and the nature of the decisions that lie ahead.

The mission of the International Leadership Association is to promote a deeper understanding of leadership knowledge and practices for the greater good of individuals and communities worldwide. Leaders and organizations in Latin America and throughout the Caribbean can help to achieve and to extend this mission in meaningful new ways. For this reason, conference organizers seek to forge connections and promote exchanges among leaders and managers from the public, private, arts, religious, and civil society sectors; professionals and consultants in the field of leadership and organizational development; social entrepreneurs and social movement organizers; youth leaders and student activists; and scholars and students of leadership and organizations. We invite conference participation from these and other leadership contexts, and we look forward to working with a wide range of old and new friends and colleagues from Latin America and around the world.

Please note: The official language of the Exploring the Dilemmas of Leadership in Latin America conference is English. Translation services will not be provided.  But also take note, presentations in Spanish will be available in some presentation rooms.


Threads to Consider:
Diversity and Inclusion 

Economic Growth 

Environmental Protection

Higher Education

Social Progress & Responsibility 

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Read the complete Call for Proposals for all the details. 

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