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Rejuvenation Activity | Integrated Alchemy: Awakening to Your Day Through Purposeful Presence

Wed, June 15, 8:00 to 8:40am, Richmond Building, University of Portsmouth, RB 2.05

Session Submission Type: Rejuvenation Activity

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Start your day through an integration of movement and meditative reflection. Gather with LauraLynn Jansen, a doctoral student in Antioch University’s Ph.D. in Leadership & Change program, for a morning practice to align your inner state of awareness and presence. These sessions will involve engagement along the body-mind spectrum, to set a balanced tone for your day.

This reflective space will be opened-up through gentle movements followed by various reflective practices aimed to refine presence with self and authentic connection with others. You will be offered practical tools in somatic awareness-raising and mental presencing that you can take forward into your daily life as a leader. A few examples of these techniques are breath exploration, sensory perception, stretching of body parts associated with prolonged sitting, and bringing the mind into conscious awareness of the moment.

Creating deep sustainable change begins with self-understanding and mindfulness according to ancient texts and modern leadership theory (Sinclair, 2016; Wheatley, 2017). This offering invites you to heighten your connection with your innate wisdom as part of your path to being a mindfully authentic leader. The word yuj is a Sanskrit term often translated to mean to yoke or to unite. It refers to the interweaving of multiple aspects of self into a place of centeredness. This interweaving is what we will explore together each morning.

Awareness of our patterns and presence are part of the first steps to being a true agent of change intrinsically and extrinsically. It is demonstrated that leaders who are able to generate an understanding of self may then use this knowledge as a means for connecting more profoundly with others (Kernis, 2003; Sinclair, 2016). A portion of the session will also be dedicated to cultivating conscious connection with each other.

No special clothing or props needed, just you.


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LauraLynn has been a cutting-edge illuminator along the pathway of individual and community welfare for nearly three decades. She is a maven in the field of integrated coaching and facilitation with extensive experience as a perineal wisdom educationalist and an innovator in sustainable leadership programs. Her capacity as a Co-Active coach and leader encompasses an introspective and highly interactive delivery system. She curates spaces for self-discovery and understanding, all for the sake of being an agent of authentic and sustainable change in community.

Through her visionary determination she has developed programs for senior executives, members of the armed forces, trauma-impacted youth, highly injured nurses, individuals struggling with de-motivated lifestyles, and individuals in communities historically overlooked.

Additionally, Jansen is a bona fide, internationally educated teacher having lived and studied abroad in India, China, Mexico, and Europe. Her role as an educator includes colleges to community settings from DC to Hawai’i. Nearly two decades ago Jansen co-created a curriculum and began facilitating a leadership development program addressing personal sustainability and community building through an authentically embodied leadership model for disconnected and traumatized youth.

She obtained an international coaching certification 2003, and is a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coaching Federation. Her master’s degree is in Integrative Health Education and she has attained the landmark status of an e-RYT 500 (experienced and registered yoga teacher) through the international registry, Yoga Alliance. She is a doctoral student in Leadership & Change, Antioch University.

LauraLynn is an innovator who personally lives what she champions in others by aiming us all toward a future of self-consciousness and greater vibrancy rooted in the awareness and the honoring of spirit.