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JULY 12 - 15, 2018 / HONG KONG, HK
International Symposium on the Analytic Hierarchy Process

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XIV International Congress


  • Paper Submission: May 31, 2018

  • Poster Submission: May 31, 2018


AHP/ANP in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility   


The themes of this symposium focus on three areas that have changed the world in recent years.  However, rather than consider them as being independent, we need to think of them as  interlocked,  because  their  future  depends  on  each  other. Thus,  it  is  befitting  that  the AHP/ANP focuses on them now, for the ANP helps us to study interdependent systems.

Without  technology,  the  implementation  of  the  AHP/ANP  would  not  have  been  possible.  AHP/ANP  helps  us  to  understand  entrepreneurship  and  cultivate  entrepreneurial  talent  to meet  the  social  and  economic  needs,  reduce jobless  stress,  and  promote  social  harmony.  Without  the  entrepreneurial  capabilities  and  tenacity  of  the  initiators  of  the  theory,  the spread  of  the  AHP/ANP  theory  all  over  the  world  would  not  have  been  possible.    Finally, corporate  social  responsibility  (CSR)  comprises  different  stakeholders,  who  are  concerned with sustainability, quality, and corporate brand image.  CSR is multi-faceted and has long-term impacts on economic, social, and environmental well-being, especially in health, safety, equity,  humanity,  child-care,  and  education.  Without  the  ability  to  measure  intangibles,  it would not have been possible to understand the contribution that corporations are making
to our society in the social dimension.  In a sense, they represent the values of the creator of the theory, Thomas L. Saaty, who pushed developers beyond their comfort zones and against all odds, to create technology and spread ideas all over the world to show that intangibles can be measured in relative terms.  

These  three  themes  should  be  explored  in  all  disciplines.  We  encourage  researchers  and practitioners  who  would  like  to  attend  this  symposium  to  explore  ideas  in  new  and established  areas  without  fear  of  being  wrong.    If  it  takes  hundreds  of  times  to  solve  a problem, we learned more than just to solve the problem, but hundreds of ways not to solve that problem.

Intuition, past experience and knowledge are the primary requisites of good decision making.  However, without measurement all this is futile.  Measurement is needed to understand the strength  of  relationships  in  multidimensional  systems. These  are  the  ingredients  of  the themes of this symposium.


Thomas L. Saaty(+)
University of Pittsburgh
Honorary Founding Chairman


Luis Vargas
University of Pittsburgh
Conference Chairman


Jennifer Shang
University of Pittsburgh
Conference Chairman

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