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Continuities and Short Circuits: Reformulating Critical Latin American Communications in the Age of Internet Regulation

Sun, May 29, 9:45 to 11:15am, TBA


The late sixties and the seventies are considered by many as the golden age of Latin American Communications Theory. From Luis Ramiro Beltran (Bolivia), Armand Mattelart (Belgium), Paulo Freire (Brazil), Martin Barbero (Colombia), Juan Díaz Bordenave (Paraguay), and Antonio Pasquali (Venezuela), Latin American theorists produced ideas and applied critical theories developed in continental Europe to analyze the communicative status quo in Latin America. In my presentation, I reflect on how current debates about Internet regulation in Latin America have pushed for a reformulation of the progressive ideas of the aforementioned authors. Focusing on the case of Ecuador, I explore how the application of the new Communication Law passed by the National Assembly in June 2013 complicate prior aims of putting into practice new models of dialogical, horizontal communication.


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