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Latin American Digital Humanities: Emerging Strategies and Spaces III

Sun, May 29, 2:30 to 4:00pm, TBA

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Responding to LASA’s interest in encouraging cross-fertilization of area studies and promoting cross-regional, cross-disciplinary dialogues -- including with scholars and activists from other regional associations – this panel explores new strategies of critical making and intervention within growing Latin American digital humanities networks. Bringing together scholars and practitioners from a range of disciplines and regional sites, the panel will examine how developing practices in digital humanities research, pedagogy, and knowledge exchange can build upon shared commitments to crossing borders and expanding communities of knowledge exchange. Integrating creating with critique - and extending new frameworks for critical making - the panel aims to bridge conventional divides between theory and practice. Each sub-panel will address more specific issues: I. Digital policy and contest; II. Community and digital translation; and III. Digital collections and memory.

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