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Reinterpreting Space and Genre: Transnational Latino/a Identities in Contemporary Literature, Performance, and Audiovisual New Media

Mon, May 30, 4:15 to 5:45pm, TBA

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The essays in this panel analyze the complexities of transnational Latino/a identities in various spaces, as they are performed in literature, film, stage, and social media. Drawing from a comparative analysis that includes a reading of the Puerto Rican noir writers Marta Aponte Alsina, Max Chárriez, and Manolo Núñez Negrón; an analysis of the role of local-transnational imaginaries of Latino/as in media spaces; a critical reading of the iconic presence of the Dominican-American actress María Montez; the power of social media as an alternate site for activism; and the uses of drag in the performances of the Puerto Rican artist Javier Cardona, we suggest that each of these presentations meditate on the reconfigurations of space and genre, and the ways that Puerto Rican and Latino/a writers, performers, and activists negotiate their identities in the context of shifting modes of hegemonic influence.

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