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Chinese-Peruvian Translocal Spaces

Sun, April 30, 12:00 to 1:45pm, TBA


This presentation will explore how social, cultural and historical links between China and Peru are global and enduring. It will focus on how Chinese-Peruvian translocal social networks and spaces unfold within Lima, Peru’s Chinese and Chinese-Peruvian communities. Beginning in the late 1860s, Chinese “pioneer” migrants from San Francisco arrived and set-up shops in Lima’s burgeoning Chinatown. Through the opening of trading companies with locations both in Lima and San Francisco (such as the Wing Fat Company, the Wo Chong Company, and the Wing On Chong Company) and the import of goods (such as crockery, silks, bamboo furniture, and food products), these pioneer migrants began to build transregional trading networks with Lima. These networks are until now characterizing the globalization from below which includes not only Peru but also the USA and Canada.