Individual Submission Summary

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Peasants and Networks for Organic Agriculture Promotion: Cases in Tlaxcala and Yucatan, Mexico

Sun, April 30, 12:00 to 1:45pm, TBA


In the paper we are discussing to what extend the organic agriculture, which seeks for healthy food globally, revalues local knowledge and fosters solidarity. We want to discuss three findings. First, non-profit, non-governmental organizations endowed with human and social capital, such as university and church, play very important roles in the development of organic agriculture support networks, whose contributions are multidimensional and difficult to measure. Second, more trusted a peasant becomes, more he/she can benefit from the networks, a factor that, together with still little demand for organic products in the domestic market, hinders the entry of many peasants. Finally, different approaches observed in the networks should correspond well to divergent needs of peasants.