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Cuban Diasporas Across Time: Dialogue and Divergence

Wed, May 23, 10:45am to 12:15pm, TBA

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For more than 200 years, Cubans outside the island have been integral products of and active participants in Cuban history. Typically, however, studies of Cuban diasporic communities are delimited by geography (Miami, Spain) or chronology (colony, republic, revolution). Bringing together an interdisciplinary group of scholars studying Cuban diasporas in the colonial, revolutionary, and post-socialist eras, and across various locales, this panel seeks to foster a wider conversation about the role of diaspora in Cuban history and culture over time. What have all Cuban diasporas shared in common? In what ways has their role in Cuban life changed? Panelists share a particular interest in the material and nonmaterial (i.e. digital) flows of goods, objects, resources, and ideas that serve to link island and diaspora together across time, albeit under fraught terms.

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