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Digital Public Scholarship and Advocacy: A Conversation Between the #PRSyllabus and the Listening to Puerto Rico Teach-Out

Sat, May 25, 2:15 to 3:45pm, TBA

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Two digital teaching and learning projects are shaping critical understandings around Puerto Rico’s multidimensional crises—The Puerto Rico Syllabus (#PRSyllabus) and the Listening to Puerto Rico Teach-Out. A group of women scholars of Puerto Rico launched the #PRSyllabus in 2017 to provide bilingual critical resources for analyzing the debt and economic crises. One year later in the wake of Hurricane Maria, scholars at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Michigan developed the Listening to Puerto Rico Teach Out as an open-access online course based on individual testimonials of hurricane survivors and contextualizing multimedia resources. As projects of digital public scholarship and advocacy, both the #PRSyllabus and the Teach Out aim to provide inclusive ways to engage digital publics and to historicize and make sense of Puerto Rico’s colonial, debt, and climate crises.
This roundtable places both digital projects in dialogue, bringing together interdisciplinary scholars and graduate student contributors. Panelists will reflect on the following questions: How can public scholarship that incorporates digital syllabi, social media, and testimonials expand the boundaries of traditional knowledge production and learning about Puerto Rico, Latinx Studies, and beyond? How can these digital tools reshape dominant narratives of Puerto Rico’s crisis, disaster, and recovery for diverse learners? Furthermore, the roundtable aims to generate conversation about how social justice-oriented digital public scholarship and other collective projects of intellectual community building can serve as a call to action and advocacy.

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