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Digital Edutainment Conference

August 30, 2014

It is in the context of the seemingly perpetual battle between fame and purpose, paparazzi and activism, social media and social justice, that Long Beach Indie, an international film festival and artist summit, announces its 1st annual “Digital Edutainment” Conference.

Echoing the mission of Long Beach Indie, Digital Edutainment seeks to celebrate global diversity by encouraging paper, workshop, and pedadigital submissions from emergent and established thought leaders representing every region of the world. In terms of content, both the theoretical and practical are welcomed as we hope to create an experience that moves participants to action after the conference.

Seeking to be a conduit for new conversations, LBI’s Digital Edutainment Conference offers potential participants a number of innovative ways to contribute.

  • Preconference Unconference: A mini-conference on digital media advocacy

  • Panel Presentations: Traditional sessions with papers and PowerPoint

  • Pedadigital (Pedagogy +Digital) Workshops: An opportunity to use digital media to teach a skill

  • Big Question Roundtables: Brainstorm answers to big questions with like-minded individuals

  • Academy/Industry Conversations: Discuss your research directly with content creators