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Crossing boundaries and borders: In pursuit of equity, solidarity, and social justice​

Literacy Research Association 72nd Annual Conference
Phoenix, AZ (Arizona Grand Resort & Spa)
November 29 - December 3, 2022

The Literacy Research Association, a non-profit professional organization, is comprised of individuals who share an interest in advancing literacy theory, research, and practice. We are a community that engages in research and dialogue pertaining to literacy and related topics. An important part of LRA’s mission is to support the professional development of emerging and established scholars, and to advocate for research-informed improvements in education. We seek high-quality research and discussions of important theoretical and methodological issues. Only original work related to literacy that has not been presented or published elsewhere may be proposed for the conference. Also, proposals should not be simultaneously submitted elsewhere.

Conference Chair, Doris Walker-Dalhouse
Conference Associate Chair, Alfred W. Tatum

The theme of this 72nd Annual LRA Conference is intended to engage LRA in discovering the origins of our collective discontents through civil dialogue and to encourage activism that makes visible the unseen stirrings that act as barriers to pursuing equity, solidarity, and social justice for the diversity of students, families, and communities we seek to serve. To accomplish our goal, we must be prepared for action. Actions that propel us to cross the boundaries and borders that negatively impact literacy research, policies, and practices.