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Welcome to MWERA 2022!
The Power of Educational Research: Impacting Change
October 19-21, 2022
Graduate Hotel, Kingsgate Conference Center, Cincinnati, OH

The 2022 Annual Meeting of the Mid-Western Educational Research Association (MWERA) will be held at the beautiful Graduate Hotel formerly the Kingsgate Conference Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is our third year at this scenic, stylish well-situated location. The hotel will provide us with spacious and well-equipped meeting facilities and plenty of common spaces for networking with fellow MWERA members. Additionally, the conference center is a short walk to the Cincinnati Zoo and about ten minutes to downtown, so a short bus or Uber ride away from the Ohio River, National Underground Freedom Center, Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, and the Banks.

This year we invite all scholars, professionals, students, practitioners, and administrators —to join us in a friendly and collegial atmosphere as we connect around the issues and problems that are important to us as educational professionals. There will be opportunities to learn, reflect, make new connections, and renew old acquaintances. Prepare to be energized by attending MWERA!

Conference Theme: Education and Covid-19: Changing Demands on Education

Education has been the means for developing and building capacities of individuals, institutions, and communities to make them part of mainstream society. Covid-19 has put unprecedented demands on access to equitable and affordable educational opportunities. Digital technologies took a leap and educators followed to confront the everyday challenges of our digital world. As we return to the classrooms, the new normal is renewing our faith in an educational system that still needs to address the promise of equal educational opportunity for children as well as youth. As we find ourselves returning to campus, with some level of uncertainty, it is imperative to explore the changing demands on education. How can we reduce the digital divide and augment innovations for online educational opportunities? How can we bridge the rural-urban educational divide and impact change? We welcome presentations that include the dissemination of educational research through new forms of engagement in public spaces such as editorials, speeches, government testimonies, social media commentary, blog posts, podcasts, videos, wikis, etc.
To better meet the needs of a diverse body of educational stakeholders, educational researchers must choose activities that position research to inform civic participation, engagement, and organized action. Moreover, we may need to go beyond our characteristic publication possibilities so that what we learn is disseminated in a way that may be accessed by those inside and outside of our traditional paradigms. Of particular interest to the conference theme, we seek proposals that address the most immediate advocacy needs:

  • Access to equitable and affordable educational opportunities
  • Rural vs. urban education: Bridging the gap
  • Democracy and education: Lifelong learning for gen#
  • Covid-19 and asynchronous/synchronous learning
  • Higher education: Post Covid-19 challenges and opportunities
  • Local and global connections: The new normal #Covid19
  • Rethink, Reshape, and Reimagine: Digital divide and innovations
  • Poverty, early drop-outs, and educational outcomes
  • Teacher recruitment, preparation, and retention: Future of the profession
  • Rethink, Reshape, and Reimagine: Digital divide and innovations

How might we more effectively engage in and utilize educational research that addresses these issues in education? How might we attend to such issues as power and representation? How might we more strategically and holistically distribute findings? How can we use educational research to nourish our minds and facilitate learning? Come to the MWERA conference in Cincinnati in 2022 to explore these issues and more!