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NCBS 36th Annual National Conference
Atlanta, Georgia
March 7 - 10, 2012
NCBS is accepting abstracts for individual paper, poster, panel, session, roundtable discussion, workshop, town hall meeting that explore the Black experience locally, nationally, and/or globally from a variety perspective. Of particular interest are presentations that comparatively explore these experiences, as well as those that examine the discipline of Africana/Black Studies using multi-layered frameworks and methodologies. Papers that incorporate various combinations of race/nationality, class, gender, and sexuality, through the lens of but not limited to Afrocentric, cross and multicultural, diasporic, feminist, postcolonial, postmodernist or transnational interpretative schemes are welcomed. Send a 150-400 word abstract for a panel (one for the panel subject and one for each panelist), and/or individual paper and poster presentations. For roundtable discussions submit a 500 word abstract that explores the discussion topic. For town hall meetings submit a 500 word abstract specifying the roles of the facilitator(s) and recorder(s).

Audio-visual needs (e.g. power,point, monitors, tv etc.)--presenters have to contract equipment from the hotel--NCBS "will not" be responsible for supplying presenters with equipment.

*All conference presenters must pre-register for the conference.

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