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Black Feminism in the New Millennium: From Black Feminist Methodologies to Social Justice Activism

Sat, March 19, 9:00 to 10:15am, Omni Charlotte Hotel, Floor: Main Floor, Magnolia Room

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Black women in the U.S. have overcome insurmountable odds to contribute significantly to U.S. culture in many areas, such as literature, science, education, and politics. Black women’s unique experiences provide them with a vantage point from which they have a keen understanding of the interlocking nature of oppression and the ways in which the multiple facets of our social identities shape our lives. Combining both a historical and contemporary lens, this panel explores the ways in which Black women use social media to create spaces and movements to recognize their accomplishments and to serve as a system of support for one another. In addition, this panel illuminates Black women’s contributions to social justice activism in an effort to affirm their humanity and safeguard the right to control their own bodies, protect themselves and their families from the horrors of institutional racism, sexism, and classism, and simply to flourish in society. Finally, this panel explores the ways in which Black Feminist methodologies can prove useful to any area of social research.

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