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47th Annual NCBS Conference

“Reparations, Resilience, and Restorative Justice: Commemorating the Centennial of the Rosewood Massacre of 1923”

The year 2023 marks the Centennial Commemoration of the Rosewood, FL Massacre in which white mobs from several counties killed nearly 30 African Americans, forcing many to abandon their beloved community. Racial violence was a cornerstone during Jim and Jane Crow, but in spite of the violence, African Americans used armed self-defense to protect their communities. Rosewood Massacre survivors shared those stories with family and community members while the story was excluded from history textbooks. During the nineties, Rosewood Massacre survivors, community members, scholars, and lawyers organized to develop policies in order to redress what the Rosewood survivors lost.

The process developed by the Rosewood Massacre survivors for redress is indicative of our conference theme for 2023, “Reparations, Resilience, and Restorative Justice: Commemorating the Centennial of the Rosewood Massacre of 1923.”  With this theme as an overarching framework, the NCBS is inviting you to answer the call for papers to our greatly anticipated 47th Annual Conference which will be held March 22 – 25 in Gainesville, Florida.

Proposals are encouraged to relate to this year’s theme, however ALL proposals of significant interest to the discipline of Black/Africana Studies will be considered.

Paper topics for thought provoking panel discussion and intellectually stimulating research proposals can cover topics ranging from but not limited to:

  • Activism and Advocacy
  • Nationalism and Grassroots Politics
  • Voter Suppression
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Community-Based Resources
  • Systemic Racism
  • COVID-19 and Community Health
  • Community Trauma, Loss and Healing
  • Racial Justice & Food Security
  • Restorative Justice
  • Gender Justice
  • Police Violence and Resistance Class
  • Poverty and Inequalities
  • Sexual Violence
  • The Overturning of Roe vs. Wade
  • Schools Safety and Gun Laws
  • Punishment & Juvenile Justice
  • Gentrification
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Immigration Laws & Social Policies
  • Social Movements/Resistance
  • Reparations
  • Radically Reimagining Public Safety
  • Abolitionism/Prisoner Rights and Issues
  • White Supremacy
  • Racial Capitalism
  • Environmental Justice and Activism
  • Clean Water and Air as Human Rights
  • Sports and Political Protest Emancipatory Pedagogy
  • Education for Liberation
  • White Terrorism, and Culture
  • Polarization and Party Politics
  • The Reparations/Restorative Justice Movements (Historical & Ethical Foundations); Reparations Legislation (Local, Regional, National, Global – past/present and future); International, University and/or Community-Based Reparations and Restorative Justice Initiatives and Projects; Land

The conference, in its commitment to inclusion of a diversity of demographic, scholarly and social vantage points, and perspectives welcomes the rich varieties of theories and schools of thought in Africana Studies, i.e., womanism, Afrocentricity, feminism, Kawaida philosophy, Pan-Africanism, Quare Theory, Afrofuturism, African Centered Thought and Pedagogy, gender and sexuality studies, socialist initiatives, cultural theories, aesthetics, etc.



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