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Women as Weapons in Terrorism and News

Sat, November 9, 2:00 to 3:30pm, Wyndham Philadelphia Hotel, Floor: Lobby Level, Adams


Terror groups around the world use various news media and its coverage to gain attention. Boko Haram is no different, and is about achieving part of their aim with the instrumentality of media framing. The impact of this complex relationship is seen in the spread of terror, opportunities to proselytize, raise funds, and attract global attention. Findings from the empirical study show that journalists take a position, and possibly amplify consequences of political conflict. This is because certain types of reporting by media dictate actions taken by political actors. This study raises the research questions: 1. What is the nature of media coverage and framing of Boko Haram attack, as well as its use of women? 2. How has media coverage and framing impacted Boko Harams tactics and behaviour?. 3. Is there a difference in media coverage and framing of Boko Haram attacks that do not involve women or girls?. The study uses media content analysis to coverage on women and how it shapes the groups tactics and terrorist activity.

Keywords: Media, Framing, Boko Haram, Terrorism, Gender