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A Dialogue on NGO-Academic Collaborations: Pitfalls and Promising Steps Forward

Thu, Nov 8, 2:30 to 3:45pm, Hilton Atlanta, Floor: 3, 312 (LCD)

Session Submission Type: Roundtable


EFECT (Experiments in Feminist Ethical Collaborative Tools & Techniques) is a funded, Canadian project uniting community-based anti-violence organizations and feminist academics. Synthesizing our knowledges, we unpack and alter both systemic and cultural practice that reify barriers that prohibit the success of diverse women and women-identified people in digital spaces. Our unique project targets the need for tangible change in ethical and communication practices, and offers hands-on techniques that build crucial anti-oppressive, feminist and digital literacies. In this roundtable, and via active audience engagement, we will engage in in frank dialogue regarding our internal collaborative struggles and successes in this work.

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