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The Politics of Knowledge in Jewish Women’s Activism

Thu, Nov 14, 4:10 to 5:25pm, Hilton Union Square, Floor: Tower 3, 4th Floor, Union Square 08

Session Submission Type: Sponsored Roundtable


This roundtable analyzes Jewish women’s activism in many eras and regions, emphasizing the politics of knowledge. One speaker analyzes Jewish women sociologists in mid-20th-century South Africa, whose ethnographies promoted anti-apartheid activism. Another recovers marginalized Jewish women journalists from turn-of-the-century San Francisco, whose articles advocated gender and economic equality. A third reclaims feminist imaginaries in Yiddish literature. Lastly, two speakers use Jewish feminist theory to explain how Jewish American communities can better understand white supremacy, and thus better join racial justice coalitions. Though varied, these topics all emphasize how Jewish women activists have disrupted dominant knowledge systems to advance social justice.

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