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Musica, abito e virtù in the Ragionamento del sig. Annibal Guasco a D. Lavinia sua figliuola by Annibale Guasco

Thu, March 26, 1:15 to 2:45pm, Hauptgebäude, Unter den Linden 6, Floor: Second Floor, 3059


In Turin 1586, Bevilacqua published the Ragionamento … a D. Lavinia sua figliuola della maniera del governarsi ella in corte by the humanist Annibal Guasco. Originally a handwritten lettera di institutio addressed to Guasco’s daughter Lavinia, who was about to leave her parent’s home and join the court of Turin, this text offers rare insights into the education of a young girl destined to become a lady-in-waiting and particularly into the role of music in shaping her virtù. This paper addresses how day-to-day music practices participated in the framing of a good femininity, by the repetition of proper acts, which over the long term were embodied as abiti and virtù.