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Translator-Editor-Compiler-Author? The Case of Denis Sauvage

Thu, March 31, 8:30 to 10:00am, Park Plaza, Floor: Fourth Floor, Back Bay Room


Denis Sauvage (1520?-1587?) was a royal historian whose only historiographical activity was to present the work of others. As a translator and editor, he contributed significantly to the historical culture of France in beautiful annotated editions of the major historians of the later middle ages. For him, this contribution was sufficient to consider himself a historian in his own right and, by extension an author. His contributions took three forms: translations from Latin or Italian into French; editions of French medieval texts, with the language slightly modified for the Renaissance reader; and compilations of historical documents to form a modified text. This paper will examine a representative of each sort of text and question whether Sauvage’s authorial voice is consistent in each case.