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Liminal Space and Gender Representation in Some Translations by Early Modern Englishwomen

Fri, April 1, 1:30 to 3:00pm, Park Plaza, Floor: Fourth Floor, Franklin Room


Scholars have variously described liminal space such as prefaces, dedicatory epistles, addresses to the reader, as a site for expressing authorial, printerly, or commercial intention, for leading the reader into the text, shaping his/her interpretation of it, and asserting notions of authority. When this metadiscourse accompanies translations it becomes more complex and, in the case of those done by women, can also provide a space for making claims of female agency, commenting on gender, and making the woman translator visible and authoritative. This paper will examine, in dialogic mode, how such issues are addressed, on the one hand by the women translators themselves, and on the other, by their male editors and printers, a subject that to date has received but little attention.