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The GAWS Project: A New Way to Investigate Apprenticeship in Early Modern Venice

Fri, April 1, 5:30 to 7:00pm, Hynes Convention Center, Floor: Level Three, 313


This paper presents the ANR-FNS GAWS project, Apprenticeship, Work, Society in Early Modern Venice (16th-18th centuries), focused on an exceptional historical source, the “Accordi dei Garzoni” of the Venetian State Archives. This document series contains approximately 55.000 apprenticeship contracts, from 1573 to the year 1772. These contracts give us precise information about the “masters” and the “garzoni” who were active in Venice in almost all kind of guilds and for understanding the functioning of workshops. Our project introduces a new approach for transcribing and studying this source. The data will be extracted and captured in geo-historical database, allowing spatial visualization of the distribution of the workshops in Venice and their evolution through time. The resulting will be used by a team of historians to investigate new research questions about apprenticeship: the economy of apprenticeship, the links between apprenticeships, arts and architecture and the question of apprenticeship in relation with family and gender roles.


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