Individual Submission Summary

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Historical Document Annotation and Data Representation with Semantic Web Technologies: The Case of the Garzoni Dataset

Fri, April 1, 5:30 to 7:00pm, Hynes Convention Center, Floor: Level Three, 313


During medieval and modern times, guilds provided the main institutional framework for the organization of labor market and greatly contributed to shaping the social and economical landscapes in Europe. Particularly, one of their primary roles was to ensure the transmission of skills through the regulation of apprenticeship. In the Garzoni project, an interdisciplinary consortium intends to study apprenticeship, work and society in Early Modern Venice by focusing on specific archival source, namely the Accordi di Garzoni from the Venetian State Archives. An important part of the project involves the enhancement of the material via automated means for the visualization, the transcription and the annotation of documents, as well as for the search and retrieval of the extracted data. We present the main steps of this activity, including the design of the data model, the development of a web-based interface and the data publication according to Semantic Web standards.


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