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Giordano Bruno and the Art of Dialogue

Thu, March 22, 2:00 to 3:30pm, Hilton Riverside, 3rd Level - Ascot Room


My talk will focus on the philosophical concepts and the sources that influence Giordano Bruno’s use of dialogue. All of Bruno’s Italian works are dialogues; even some of his Latin texts include parts structured as a dialogue. To explain Bruno’s literary choice, I intend to explore his debt to the Platonic tradition. Bruno knows extremely well Platonic and Neoplatonic texts, but he is also an irreverent reader. He employs concepts and expressions that belong to the Platonic tradition, but he uses them to shape his own original conception. Thus, when writing his dialogues, Bruno also pays attention to the connection between philosophy and theatre, especially comedy (the works of Pietro Aretino are one of his sources). Moreover, Bruno’s dialogues display a precise conception of learning, since they reveal his epistemological and pedagogical view. This conception shows knowledge of Renaissance debates over education (including humanists, Erasmus, Vives, Ramus).


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