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Cardinal Oliviero's Utilization of the Iconography of the Confraternity of the Annunciation in Late-Quattrocento Rome

Sat, March 24, 11:00am to 12:30pm, Hilton Riverside Complex, Quarter Deck Room C


This presentation aims to clarify the connection between cardinal Oliviero Carafa and the Confraternity of the Annunciation, focusing on the unique iconography of the altarpiece frescoed by Filippino Lippi on the central wall of the Carafa Chapel in S. Maria sopra Minerva in Rome. The confraternity, founded by Spanish and Dominican cardinal Juan de Torquemada in 1460 in the Minerva, was the first lay charitable organization with the sole and exclusive purpose of providing the gifts of dowries for poor young ladies on the condition of their state of being a virgin. This charity is shown explicitly on their emblem, where the Virgin Mary annunciated gives a pouch containing dowries to kneeling ladies. Carafa was associated with the confraternity in multiple ways and made effective use of the iconography of the emblem in order to demonstrate his virtue of chastity in ordering the decoration of his burial chapel.


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