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Richard Verstegan, Translation, and Print: Visualising a Recusant Network

Thu, March 22, 2:00 to 3:30pm, Harrah's Hotel, 2nd Level - Vieux Carré Salon II


This paper proposes to map and visualize the network of authors, print trade agents, readers, and patrons in which the English Catholic, Richard Verstegan, was deeply involved. Exiled in 1582, he played multiple roles: translator, author, press agent for English recusants, publisher, book supplier to Continental English convents, book smuggler to England, spy, prolific correspondent. While some are well documented, his role as the central node in an illegal English Catholic translation and print network is not. After mapping this network by analysing data provided by his translations, accompanying paratexts, and various epitexts, we shall present a visual representation of it modelled on that of the ‘Six Degrees of Francis Bacon’ project. This will help us better understand how, partly through the activities of translators, overlapping ideological, political, and material networks advanced the recusant cause. It will also open up another perspective on translation culture in early modern England.


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