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From Maubeuge to Bologna, One Way: The Adaptation of Flemish Painter Michele Desubleo to New Artistic Networks across Italy

Thu, March 22, 2:00 to 3:30pm, Hilton Riverside, 3rd Level - Canal Room


The Maubeuge-born painter Michel Desoubleay, called Michele Desubleo (1602-1676), left Flanders for Rome before 1624. With the substantial help of his stepbrother Nicolas Régnier, he was first introduced into the flourishing Roman art market and then spent his whole career working for prestigious patrons in Bologna, Venice and Parma. A trained eye can recognize how Desubleo’s style changed across the years and, more interesting, from city to city. What the eye can’t detect, can be uncovered by machines. Recent technical analysis on Desubleo’s paintings revealed for the first time how even the pigments he used were affected by his travels. This paper aims to consider two central aspects of Desubleo’s career: firstly, how he succeeded in being part of various, often hostile artistic networks and how his artistic identity was influenced by these dynamics, and secondly, the consistent visual and material impact that mobility had on Desubleo’s artworks.


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