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Before the Palazzo: Residential Architecture and Urban Design in Medieval Rome

Sat, March 24, 11:00am to 12:30pm, Hilton Riverside, 1st Level - Grand Salon Breakout 12


Construction of the Renaissance palazzo in Rome coincides with the dissolution of the use of residential façade porticoes in the city, moving the semi-public space of the street to the courtyard and as a result lead to the slow and steady decline of the residential character of late medieval Rome. This paper examines the existing remnants of late medieval residential façade porticoes and maps their locations in order to repopulate and provide a visualisation of the residential and urban character of the city at the onset of the Renaissance. The results of this paper provide insight into the ordered character of Medieval Rome through onsite documentation of fifty-six case studies. When examined together these buildings provide a visual backdrop to Rome’s most important processional routes and commercial thoroughfares as well as highlight the importance of the Ionic capital in both residential and sacred architecture.


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