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2007 SACSA Annual Conference

Grounded in our historic values of inclusive fellowship for the past fifty-seven years, the Host Committee, Program Committee and Executive Council invite you to attend the 2007 SACSA Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas, November 3 - 6, 2007, which will be a joint conference with NASPA Region III and TACUSPA. Our founders realized issues of civility and community would create a new professional conference, choosing deliberately not to meet until a venue could be found that welcomed men and women of all races to come together to discuss common dreams and needs. These same values led the association in 2005 to recognize the exemplary courage and dignity of Rosa Parks, a woman whose civility set the standard for how one person can change an entire community. But even coming as far as we have, we find that we have traversed one frontier only find ourselves on the leading edge of another.

Coming together in kinship with NASPA Region III, and TACUSPA, we invite you to join us for Civility and Community: Exploring the New Frontier. As we return to Texas for only the second time in our history, we encourage you to consider the role of student affairs in establishing civility and community on campus.

While the concepts of civility and community trace their roots back to ancient Rome, can the new concept of the marketplace of ideas translate these ancient notions into new ideas? Join us as we discuss such issues as defining civility within the competing interests and ideologies of the higher education community; modeling civility for the greater community; the role tradition and change can play within an evolving educational community; and the responsibilities we assume to balance the needs of students, faculty and staff within the institutional mission we serve, knowing that the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. Join us on a new frontier.

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