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2009 Annual Meeting<br>Beijing, China
SCB's Annual Meetings are recognized as the most important global meeting for conservation professionals and students.

SCB's Annual Meetings are a forum for addressing conservation challenges. They are the global venue for presenting and discussing new research and developments in conservation science and practice. Most importantly, they connect our global community of conservation professionals and serve as the major networking outlet for anyone interested in conservation. Plenary sessions are presented by conservation leaders and visionaries. Each year the meeting features numerous symposia, concurrent sessions, workshops, short courses, and field trips.

The meeting attendees are concerned with the science and practice of conserving biological diversity. SCB Annual Meetings bring together more than 1,800 conservation professionals and students from every sector of the field including the biological and social sciences, management, policy, and planning. Attendees work for universities, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, private foundations and organizations, and publications. They are scientists, students, managers, decision-makers, writers, and other conservation professionals from throughout the world.
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