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Charlotte, North Carolina

October 25-30, 2016

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SMA 2016 Meeting

October 25th-29th, 2016

Marriott City Center, Charlotte, NC


SMA Ambassador Program

This year, we are implementing a new program designed to ensure SMA continues to grow and maintain our tradition of excellence, by ensuring that new attendees are welcomed.  Do you remember your first conference – not sure what the norms are, or who to talk to at those big social events?  The SMA Ambassador Program has been started to help new members find their footing at the conference.  SMA Ambassadors will be identifiable with nametag ribbons, and a couple will be stationed at every social event, in addition to being generally available as they go about their day at the conference.  First-time non-consortium attendees at this year’s Conference will also be offered ribbons identifying them as such.  Newcomers should feel free to approach any member, but especially the ambassadors, to network, get directions and seek conference advice.  Please make an extra effort to welcome our newest members and make them feel at home… especially during our social functions where it can be particularly challenging being the “new kid on the block.”



To become an Ambassador, log into the SMA website(,   Click the Membership tab, Click the Volunteer With SMA link, and then Click on the Volunteer Form.  When filling out the form, specifically mention the Ambassador program in the How would you like to help SMA? box.




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