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Submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation. INSIGHTS is for students, postdoctoral fellows, adjuncts, instructors, and faculty affiliated with the School of Public Health to learn and become informed about about innovations in public health research and practice. Take part in interactive discussions, learn about the varied research projects and practice initiatives taking place across the School, and connect with your peers and colleagues.

INSIGHTS will be held November 16, 2011 at Lister Centre on the University of Alberta campus. This has been designated as a non-teaching day within the School so that students and instructors can participate. This day-long celebration will showcase the work of colleagues and peers through plenary, oral and poster presentations.

New this year:
Public health practice presentations!
In response to feedback from previous INSIGHTS events, this year the School is accepting two types of submissions for consideration as either oral or poster presentations: Research presentations are designed to showcase original academic research conducted by students and faculty affiliated with the School. Practice presentations showcase public health programs, services, and/or policies as they are delivered in the field.

Show us your best
Six awards will be given to the best oral and poster presentations by MPH, MSc and PhD students as determined by a selection committee. These awards will be presented to the recipients at the end of the event.

Registration and abstract submission information is available on our website at:

Abstract submission deadline: October 7, 2011
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