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Welcome to the 88th SPSA Annual Conference

87th Annual Conference
January 12 – 14, 2017 - New Orleans, Louisiana
Hyatt Regency

Please join us in January 2017 at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association in New Orleans. The 2017 Meeting promises to continue SPSA’s commitment to intellectual exchange and professional development in enjoyable and historic settings. We invite proposals from all fields and subfields in the discipline, as well as from scholars in related disciplines working on research related to political science. We have put together an excellent program committee that eagerly awaits your paper proposals and innovative conference ideas, which we are certain will result in another excellent program for the upcoming meeting. You can help in this effort by volunteering to serve as a chair or discussant and recommending the conference as a place to catch up with your collaborators or as a place for young scholars to present new and exciting work. We look forward to seeing you in January of 2017 in New Orleans!

2017 Program Chair,
Dr. Jeff Gill, Washington University


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