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3-179 - Strengthening the Skills of Beginning Teachers: Novel Approaches to Teacher Training in Behavioral Classroom Management

Sat, March 23, 2:30 to 4:00pm, Baltimore Convention Center, Floor: Level 3, Room 332

Session Type: Paper Symposium

Integrative Statement

In the United States, approximately 30% of general education teachers leave the profession within the first three years, and nearly 50% leave within the first five (Elliot et al., 2010). Lack of preparation in classroom management is one of the major challenges that leads to teacher attrition (Reinke et al., 2011). Therefore, beginning teachers are an important and highly relevant target for teacher training efforts. The proposed symposium will present three papers focused on preservice and early career teacher training in behavioral classroom management strategies. The session concludes with an expert discussant.
The first paper presents on the promise of a teacher training program designed for preservice elementary teachers. Results: Preservice teachers who received the intervention had greater knowledge of behavioral challenges and classroom management strategies compared to a business-as-usual comparison group, with significant improvement in self-efficacy after the intervention.
The second paper compares the impact of the integration of two evidence-based teacher training programs on child-level outcomes in a sample of novice K-3 teachers (i.e., those within 3 years of entering teaching) in urban schools using a randomized controlled trial design. Results: The findings demonstrate a positive impact of the teacher training program on student outcomes, with the strongest effects for children in more challenging classrooms.
The third paper explores the impact of a novel interactive virtual training for early career teachers (four or fewer years of experience) working in high poverty K-8 schools. Results: Teacher satisfaction and use of classroom management skills following intervention will be presented.

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