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Redrawing of Boundaries and Knowledge Flows between Industry and Academia I

Fri, November 13, 8:30 to 10:00am, Denver Sheraton, Governor's Square 12

Session Submission Type: Paper Session


Attention to relations between academic and industrial science is growing in Science and Technology Studies (STS) and Higher Education Studies (HES). However, research in the two fields--whether focused on emerging hybrids, cross border trading, or convergence—is carried out in relative isolation, with little discussion and debate across the two scholarly arenas. Researchers from the two fields have much to learn from one another in terms of concepts, method, and analytical strategy. Bringing scholars from STS and HES together offers the potential to energize researchers in both areas.

This panel aims to broaden the network of scholars (particularly in the fields of STS and HES) working on topics of academic capitalism, commercialization and commodification in academic contexts and invites papers on problems such as:

Hybridisation of research organizations in the context of innovation policy imperatives

The remaking of identities of universities and research departments in firms

New forms of university-industry linkages (research centres, programmes) and their effectiveness

Subtle varieties of transformation (such as how patenting practices change academic culture, or how practices of academic publishing shape industrial research)

Epistemic implications of the hybridisation of spaces of knowledge production


This panel or these panels will include scholars from both STS and HES. In order to build discussion across these research fields, the papers will be grouped to include themes and approaches spanning both fields. We will invite the authors to present their papers briefly and then create an open forum for discussing all the papers together. The discussion will be open with one question to all presenters from the panel organizers followed by exchange between presenters and the audience. This will allow for developing more understanding and a common language for discussing the implications of the hybridisation of spaces of research across different academic fields.

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