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SpiralSpace: Atemporal Approaches to Post-Cyberfeminism

Fri, August 31, 11:00am to 12:30pm, ICC, E5.9

Session Submission Type: Traditional (Closed) Panel


[F]or mutants there can no longer be any Last Judgement, or the resurrection of the body, for what body will one resurrect?

If cyberfeminism is a radically ‘mutant’ feminism, can it ever be truly obsolesced? What does it mean to invoke a ‘post-cyberfeminism’? This panel will interrogate the temporal presuppositions behind the academic term ‘post-cyberfeminism’, and attempt to offer alternative means of thinking a cyber/techno/xeno -feminist relation to time through technologies of weaving, folding, knotwork and looping, patchwork, prophecy, and infection.

The panel will comprise 5 panellists presenting 3 papers from Amy Ireland, Alice Farmer and Virginia Barratt and one poetic/codeworked piece from Linda Dement in response to the provocation “spiral space: atemporal approaches to post-cyberfeminism”. Francesca da Rimini will act as reflectant in the spirit of Zenitizma.

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