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States of Matter/Matters of State: Amphibious Scholars in Technoscientific Space

Sat, September 1, 9:00 to 10:30am, ICC, E5.4

Session Submission Type: Open Panel


This session explores what matters and comes to have matter in the current atmosphere (taken both as the ambient medium of air and as the omnipresent mood of the volatile and uncertain political present). Through the presentations, we move from the depths of the earth, sphere by sphere, to the boundless envelope of air and the digital, and explore our habits and habitats through and in various mediums.

The panel speaks to the different epistemologies, processes, objects, and relations that unfold in media, as spaces that represent ensembles of nature and culture. We hope to open conversational room to outline a pragmatic contextualist environmental ethic in STS with which we can approach different physical and conceptual spaces.

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