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STS in Translation

Thu, September 5, 11:30am to 12:45pm, Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, Floor: Four, Gallier A


As members of iris, a newly founded online STS-Turkish Encylopedia, we believe translating STS concepts into other languages opens up new opportunities, not only by reaching larger audiences through translations, but also allowing the terms to acquire new meanings as they travel in language and space, a creative way of doing STS. With this theme, we are inviting STS scholars, who think likewise or otherwise, to a session of brainstorming and informal exchange, which we hope may contribute to sustained collaborative efforts in bringing STS to languages and languages into STS. In this session, we will be sharing with each other our stories/ideas of ‘translating’ especially with the aim to think critically about translations and their potential for our work in STS. By bringing together STS scholars with different linguistic backgrounds, we also want to ask ‘How can STS be more inclusive and diverse?’ while we think about ideas, practices and troubles of translating in/of/for STS. Contact:

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