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Frontiers of Climate Change and Extinction: Rendering Worlds Familiar and Strange

Sat, September 2, 2:00 to 3:30pm, Sheraton Boston, Floor: 3, Fairfax B

Session Submission Type: Traditional (Closed) Panel


How are frontiers (for instance, the “new frontier” of Mars, the Arctic as the “final frontier”) being identified, and what are the transnational politics of access? How are innovations in science and technology informing ways in which frontiers are being interpreted and actualized as accessible, and how is that access variously framed politically, economically and ethically? How is climate change an ethical boundary involving social structures and behaviors? This panel seeks papers that probe the intersection of frontiers, climate change, technoscience and exploration, bringing new perspectives to the rendering of worlds familiar and strange. Papers may include a wide range of subjects, including indigeneity, extinction tourism, governmentality, travel, resource extraction, neoliberal capitalism, markets, technologies, “vanishing” people and worlds, national identity, alterity, migration, neocolonialism, media, cultural policies, cultural memory, civilizationist rhetoric, human exceptionalism, spectacle, performativity, the politics of spectatorship, and the interplay of “nature” and “culture”.

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