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Building STS Programs

Fri, September 1, 12:45 to 1:45pm, Sheraton Boston, Floor: 3, Beacon E

Session Submission Type: Lunchtime Workshop


STS Programs at universities around the world have a wide array of institutional backing. A few are woven into the fabric of the university, while others center around a single faculty member. Some have been going for decades, and others are only just beginning. Many have ties to anthropology, business schools, engineering, medicine, history, philosophy, and/or sociology. We all, however, share a set of family resemblances to each other based on our common commitment to strengthen the theoretical, empirical, and pedagogical development of Science and Technology Studies.
We do not yet have a place to routinely discuss strategies for building STS within disparate locations. Events like the STS Next 20 conference at Harvard in 2011 provide touchstone moments for the community, but there is no formal network or repository of knowledge that those building programs can engage. This lunch provides a space to strengthen the more ad hoc connections between existing and emerging programs, and to explore what types of more organized engagement are desirable.

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