Individual Submission Summary

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Knowledge Accretion and Dispersion of Agricultural Bioinformatics products within Aboriginal Groups in Jharkhand (India)

Sat, September 1, 2:00 to 3:30pm, ICC, C2.6


The research contemplates how informal communication among aboriginal groups and technologies like Information and Communication Technology (ICT) affects knowledge dissemination behaviors in the agricultural practices especially in left out rural spaces in Jharkhand (India). Knowledge grasps a key position in the present strategic management theory. It is recognized as valuable intangible resource that has the capacity to hold competitive advantage for the generation of long-term boons. In the last few decades the emergence of biotic and abiotic stress due to rapid change in climatic conditions and the consumption pattern of natural resources have brought technological change to impose radical change in the agricultural practices and application of agricultural bioinformatics products. ICT has explored the more recent approaches to deal with farmers and has restructured the approaches to sustain in the competitive world. The objective addresses through qualitative methodology that covers in-depth interviews and focused group discussions. It is very interesting to note that technological factors are deeply rooted within the culture of working environment. Knowledge as an asset needs to be protected and creates an environment where knowledge can be accumulated and shared. Thus the use of ICT allows diffusion of innovative agricultural practices that allows more efficient production in field. The major outcome of the research is that management, policy and regulatory mechanisms should put furthermore significance on knowledge dissemination strategies in such left out rural spaces for achieving forthcoming targets in long-term success.