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Diseased Landscapes: Health and Illness in Territories of Extraction - IV - RESISTANCE

Fri, October 8, 9:40 to 11:10am EDT (9:40 to 11:10am EDT), 4S 2021 Virtual, 18


Through the theme of Diseased Landscapes, this panel explores how the nexus of extractivism and political conflict affects environmental and human health. It aims at bringing together efforts in scholarly practice—including art-based methodologies and activist-oriented research—to historically, politically, and socially situate disease, toxins, pathogens, non-humans, and bodily dysfunction in violent geographies produced by legal and illegal extractivism. We ask how the health conditions of the environment and the body become entangled in places dominated by extractivist economies. What difference does it make to tell stories of armed violence, gendered and racialized dispossession, capitalism, mining, and agrarian expansion through human and more-than-human experiences of health and illness? How are evidence and ignorance about bodies and landscapes produced, used, and abused in contexts marked by extractivist activities? And finally, what practices, methods, and interventions are helpful to establish good relations, capable of disrupting the combined production of disease and violence in old, new, and future territories of extraction?



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